Hurricanes, and the winds that accompany them, can be devastating to homes, businesses, and the people who live in the path of the hurricane. Gale-force winds can top 140 mph, and can cause serious damage to even the sturdiest of structures.

Even though many people who live in “hurricane country” have experience dealing with these tropical storms, the losses can still be catastrophic, most visibly in the form of structural damage, but also commonly in the form of water damage.

Protecting You in the Aftermath of a Hurricane or Wind Storm

For homeowners and business owners, recovering from a hurricane can be further compounded by the difficulties of negotiating your claim with your insurance company. Insurance companies are in the business of paying out less in claims than they collect in premium payments. In other words, they are not on your side.

When you need an advocate, a professional hurricane damage Public Insurance Adjuster at The Claims Company is here. We will work with your insurance company to get the most out of your claim.

Common Hurricane and Wind Damage

Extreme-level hurricanes, with gale-force winds in excess of 110 mph, can cause a wide variety of damage, including:

  • Partial or total roof and wall structural damage
  • Extreme water damage
  • Blown-out windows and further structural damage, including damage caused by flying debris
  • Injury or death to exposed livestock
  • Loss of water and electricity service
  • Extreme damage to trees and other natural plant life
  • Total or near-total destruction of crops
  • Mold due to water intrusion 

Even other, less extreme hurricanes and storms with powerful gusts of wind can cause similar damage on a smaller scale.

What to Do if You Sustain Wind Damage to Your Property

When your property has been damaged by a hurricane or hurricane-level winds, your attention will almost certainly turn to filing an insurance claim. For such a claim, your insurance company will require proof of your losses. Unless you have prepared ahead of time with, for example, video recordings of all of your property, this can be difficult to provide, especially given your lack of resources.

Nonetheless, we can help you assemble a list of your damaged property from memory. You are entitled to recover the value of all of your property, from the largest items down to the smallest of items. A full proof of loss evaluation may include a room-by-room assessment, estimate for rebuilding, valuation of unique merchandise, products and devices, as well as accounting for rehoming costs, if needed. 

Contact a Professional hurricane damage Public Insurance Adjuster

The Claims Company can help you identify all of your property, thoroughly value your damages, and help you with the emotional devastation you will likely be suffering after living through a hurricane. If your property damage claim is denied, we can assist with the appeals process. If you need our help, contact us online.