We are advocates for any person who needs to file an insurance claim. Our only goal is to make sure that all of our clients receive all of the money they are entitled to when they file a claim. We are proud to offer our insurance processing services to you and to assist you with your claim, which can often be a difficult and confusing process. We will look after your damaged property as if it were our own.

What We Do

In short, we help people like you obtain the maximum amount of money owed for any insurance claim, for all damages to any residential or commercial property. Insurance policies can be confusing, often filled with language and terms that are difficult to understand, and the claims process is tedious at best. 

We can help you understand the coverage available in your policy, properly assess your damages, and assist you in filing any claims that may be necessary. Put simply, we can help you and your family recover from the unforeseen circumstances that create the need for insurance claims.

We can assist you in deciphering your insurance policy, and explain to you in simple, understandable language what your responsibilities are and what your policy entitles you to. We will act as your advocate during communications with your insurance company, ensuring that your claim is properly and timely processed by the insurance company.

We will prepare an itemized estimate of all of your damages, including damages that most people aren’t even aware of. We have years of experience with identifying all types of property damage done to your home or commercial property, including various types of damage caused by:

Why We Do It

Insurance companies have trained professionals looking after their best interests, which is to settle your claim as cheaply as possible. You, as the insured, deserve no less. You have paid for your coverage, and you’re entitled to everything covered in your policy. You should not have to pay for damage to your residential or commercial property that you have already paid the insurance company to cover.

We take pride in offering our clients the very best in our professional services designed to help them return their property back to pre-damage condition as quickly as possible. We treat our clients with courtesy, respect, and the acknowledgment that their property has been damaged through no fault of their own, and that they are entitled to the insurance coverage they have paid for. 

How to Contact a Professional Public Insurance Adjuster After Property Damage

If your residential or commercial property has been damaged, let a professional Public Insurance Adjuster at The Claims Company can help guide you through the complex and tedious process of filing your insurance claim. If we can help you, contact The Claims Company by contacting us online.