Damage from a property fire can be emotionally crippling, as well as expensive. A fire can put your business on hold or leave you and your family without a place to call home. When you experience a fire it is likely devastating and life-changing, but a professional fire damage Public Insurance Adjuster at The Claims Company can help. We can file the initial claim and take over all correspondence with your insurance representative so you can focus on recovering your property. 

About Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, compounding a property fire disaster is the fact that fire damage claims can be difficult to navigate with your insurance company. Your claim could be undervalued, or outright denied. Your insurance company may act compassionately when you file your claim, but never lose sight of the reality that your insurance company has one job: to settle your claim as cheaply as possible. A professional fire damage Public Insurance Adjuster at The Claims Company works with the insurance company on your behalf, acting as your advocate during each step in the process. 

Common Property Fire Damage 

Fire damage can affect all aspects of your property, depending on the severity of the fire. Damage from a fire can include, among other things:

  • Roof damage
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to the house foundation
  • Damage to major appliances and furniture
  • Damage to major home systems, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, all of which can be difficult to ascertain with the common eye
  • Damage to major technological systems, like televisions and sound systems

Even “smoke fires,” fires that generate very little fire damage but enormous amounts of smoke damage, typically include:

  • Damaged clothing
  • Damaged bedding
  • Excessive soot 
  • Discolored walls and ceilings

Documenting Proof of Loss

When you file a fire damage insurance claim, your insurance company will require proof of your damages and losses, which can be difficult to provide given your potential lack of resources. While video proof is often the best evidence when proving the value of your possessions, we can also create a list and assign values to each piece of your lost property from memory. 

As you create your list of damaged and/or lost property, you may come to a point where the sheer volume of your lost and/or damaged property seems excessive to you, and you may be tempted to exclude some minor property. You are entitled to recover every piece of property you have lost, so it’s important to list everything, even if it is seemingly minor. 

How We Can Help After a Fire

After you have looked after the well-being of your family, employees and pets, you should turn your attention to your fire damage insurance claim. It is important to work with a professional experienced in fire damage claims. Your insurance company is not on your side, but your professional fire damage Public Insurance Adjuster will be. 

A professional fire damage Public Insurance Adjuster can help you review your insurance policy to determine the extent of your coverage, represent you in the insurance investigation, bring in an independent investigator if necessary, assist you in an accurate valuation of your damaged property, and challenge the insurance company if they try to undervalue your property.

Get Started with Your Fire Damage Claim

The Claims Company can help you investigate and assess your property, properly value your damages, and help you with the emotional devastation after a fire at your home or place of business. If you need our help, contact us online.